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The Collective Power of Thoughts from the Web
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The Collective Power of Thoughts from the Web

Crowdsourcing makes telco players more innovative, agile and efficient

Telco players have a clientele of end customers numbering in the millions as well as the capability to manage these users and enable their communication among one another. You could not ask for better conditions for using Crowdsourcing in order to become more innovative, agile and efficient.

Julia’s day begins: “We’re going to be talking about dinosaurs in general science today,” says Franziska as Julia is taking the last sip of freshly brewed coffee from her cup. Sitting down together at the breakfast table is a ritual which the young family always enjoys as a pleasant start to their day. Reaching for the tablet computer usually brings the meal to a close, because this is how Julia regularly looks up the fastest traffic connections currently available by public transportation and car-sharing to her workplace. The city began operating this transport platform on the Internet a few months ago; it transparently identifies the most suitable alternatives for travel on the basis of systematically tracked commuter data.

Franziska will also be on time to learn about the secrets of Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex when Julia is sitting on the train because the young girl’s parents have registered her on the school car pool platform. This is a trustworthy platform which parents use to offer each other’s children a ride to school – right from the front door to the school.

Having arrived at her office without any stress, Julia begins work by checking the status of the Crowd folder on the communication and collaboration software integrated throughout the company. Last Friday, she moved three tasks from her to-do list to this folder within the scope of the crowd budget available to her, and on Monday the answers were waiting in her inbox so that she could process them further. As a rule, the translation of the Web site, the format design, and the Open Photo sourcing do not have any problems passing the company’s security and efficiency tests because the data are not critical to the firm’s security.

The three tasks are part of an online marketing initiative classified by the company’s staff and management as a top action. Julia herself was able to launch activities two weeks ago. Inhouse feedback has been fantastic: fast, efficient, aligned with corporate strategy.

Only two years ago, it had taken a lot of convincing to get her employer, a modern telecommunications company, to start a crowdsourcing campaign. The high in-house transaction costs in the company were one of the reasons for the decision. The investments in the campaign have in the meantime been more than amortized. Thanks to modern, open product development and related savings in process costs, the company has gained an important competitive advantage within a short time. The new push in innovative activities has also refreshed the corporate image.

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