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TOP-ARTICLE Process Optimization & Performance Management

(8 votes)

Empathy for the Customer

Subject-oriented business process management provides high-speed creation of transparent offers

Holger Biermann, Klaus Hollnsteiner, Reinhard Schmitz
S-BPM is a process description method which takes into account the living process, including communication among the involved parties. Using it in the offer process ensures that the offer truly reflects the original wishes of the customer.
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ARCHIVE Process Optimization & Performance Management

(2 votes)

Christiane Eckardt

In the Depths

What a project manager can learn from a diver
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(73 votes)

Daniel Beckert, Dr. Philip Hucke, Marc Wagner

Sliced or unscliced?

Systematic implementation assures the success of the shared services center in practice
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(4 votes)

Dr. Andreas Lucco, Dr. Simone Kansy, Peter Tüscher


Communication transformation towards customer service of the future
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(1 vote)

Jutta Funk, Stephanie Felgentreff

„You steer – but I‘ll shift gears!“

Measuring the success of social media activities
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Manfred Strifler, Deutsche Telekom AG:

Employees at the Central Core of a Secure Corporate Culture
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Stephan Berninger, Yujin Schmidt

Flying Blind Around the World

International compliance in HR projects
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Andrej Demko, Beate Meiß, Dr. Laura Georg, Frank Hebestreit

Being Prepared for the Worst

Business continuity management enhances the chances for survival
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