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DMR 01/2012


Published on 15.03.2012

Whenever there is a great disaster in the world, the desire for security suddenly returns to front and center stage. So it comes as no surprise that the financial crisis has given an extra dimension to the significance of risk management – not only for banks. Identifying and assessing risks beforehand and acting according to a plan in an emergency can increase a company’s survival capability enormously in the event of a crisis. But there are dangers lurking in the digital world as well: the harm to a company’s image when careless statements appear in social media, virus infections, data protection, and cyber-criminality, especially related to the use of smartphones and tablets, to mention just a few. The authors in our newest edition of DMR entitled “Security” have examined these issues from various angles and can offer some food for thought as well as concrete solutions.
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Summary of the contents

(15 votes)

Torsten Herres

Ambition vs. Feasibility

DCAS in danger of running into a dead end if the legal...
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(1 vote)

Jochen Patzwald

More IP Addresses – More IT Security?

IPv6 has both opportunities and threats for IT security...
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(6 votes)

Claus Eßmann, Etienne Auger, Karsten Kn

Chaos Just Around the Corner

What to watch out for when realizing a BYOD strategy
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(2 votes)


Manfred Strifler, Deutsche Telekom AG

Employees at the Central Core of a Secure Corporate Cul...
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(3 votes)

Sebastian Forstmann, Stephan Schulte

iThink iNeed an iPad for Reporting

A discussion about the use of tablet computers
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(1 vote)

Stephan Berninger, Yujin Schmidt

Flying Blind Around the World

International compliance in HR projects
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